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Banking on the ecosystem of POWH3D, RAFFLE3D is a lottery system

where buying ticket(s) grants you a lifetime chance of

winning when your number is drawn. Your tickets are valid EACH draw!



Buy ticket(s)

each ticket costs 0.01 eth


Your vanity

Start raffle
vanity costs 0.1 eth Found a bug or have any questions? Send an e-mail to Checkout the contract


* buying a ticket => P3D tokens are bought with the ETH

* P3D divs fill the rafflepot

* When the rafflepot hits > 0.103 eth a new draw can be started>

* Anyone can start a draw and validate to get the 0.003 validation reward

* 0.1 eth will be paid to the rafflewinner!

* Every drawing there is a chance you get the additional jackpot! =>

1 in 1000 chance when it draws 777.